About ESI

Electronic Solutions, Inc. is a Texas based corporation founded in 2004.

The president of ESI, Don Bray, has over thirty years of experience in the automatic door industry, with nineteen years of that experience obtained as the electronic design engineer for a leading manufacturer of automatic door equipment.  He has assisted in the design of innumerable door installations worldwide.

Don’s experience includes designing control electronics for slide, swing, bi-fold, revolving, and industrial doors, as well as food service windows.


Mission Statement

“Our goal at ESI is to provide you with the highest caliber of design, service, and support for electronics in the automatic door and door related industries.”   -Don Bray

ESI provides a variety of services and skills to the automatic door industry.

We offer:


solder on circuit board

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We specialize in repairing Horton Automatics door control products. We have over thirty years’ experience with these controls, and are pleased to be able to offer this outstanding product knowledge to your business.