Quick turnaround, reasonable prices, solid support.

ESI provides a variety of services and skills to the automatic door industry. We offer:

  • Rebuild and repair of out-of-warranty door and gate controls.
  • Rebuild and repair of vintage door and gate controls no longer produced or supported by the original manufacturer.
  • Microprocessor door control accessory modules for strike interface, time delay, latch relay, interlocking, sequencing, and other functions.
  • Per-call phone support for distributors in the field with difficult installation or repair problems.
  • Design of semi-custom and custom accessory modules for various types of door applications.
  • Design of automatic swing and slide door controls, with particular emphasis on controls for the industry standard 90V permanent magnet DC motor.
  • Design of intelligent multiple door interlock systems for custom applications.
  • Quick turnaround, reasonable prices, and solid support.